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Household products aren’t our whole lives. But they are a big part of them.

In fact, we often forget how much we use these products: the woodworking glue in carpentry class for the bird house, the odor-eliminating spray used after a new cookie recipe goes wrong, or even the laundry detergent to make camp blankets smell like home. We use these products every day, but do we understand them?

At the Alliance for Consumer Education (ACE), we see these products as tools for maintaining healthy environments, protecting people and families, and ultimately improving lives. We also see the value of education as an essential component of using products correctly, storing them safely, and disposing of them in sustainable ways. Our programs are designed to educate individuals about what it means to use products responsibly, to inspire healthy habits at home, and teach our children and teens about the dangers of product or inhalant abuse.

Consumer Care

Our Consumer Care Program focuses on what it means to use, store, and dispose of household products properly with the goal of reducing accidents and increasing product efficacy.

Health & Wellbeing

Our Health & Wellbeing Program explores the ways we can keep our homes, work spaces, and bodies healthy and well-maintained. ACE takes on a holistic view of health by combining the benefits of products with tips and practices you can use in the home to reduce the risk of disease.

Inhalant Abuse Prevention

Our Inhalant Abuse Program equips parents, teachers, school nurses, counselors, and other adults with the information and tools necessary to engage with the children in their lives about the dangers of inhalant abuse.

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