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  • "Deodorant Challenge" Contributes to Growing Trend of Product Abuse

    Posted May 10, 2018

    In the past year, the Alliance for Consumer Education (ACE) has witnessed an increase in Internet-fueled “challenges” involving product abuse.  Such “challenges” encourage children, teens, and even adults to put themselves and others at risk by misusing and abusing products.  The “Deodorant...

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  • ACE Responds to New Trend Called "KD"

    Posted March 21, 2018

    A new toxic concoction, known as KD, is alarming first responders and emergency crews.  This newest trend involves spraying bug spray products on other drugs like marijuana, spice, and tobacco before smoking them. The Alliance for Consumer Education (ACE), is extremely concerned with this dangerous...

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  • laundry packets image

    ACE Responds to Laundry Packet Challenge

    Posted January 22, 2018

    A current internet joke has gone too far as teenagers are intentionally putting detergent packets in their mouths.  The Alliance for Consumer Education (ACE), is extremely concerned with this dangerous new challenge and urges youth to stop mishandling products solely meant for cleaning. 

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  • ACE Creates FAQ Materials for Families Affected by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria

    Posted September 21, 2017

    In light of the recent natural disasters that effected millions of Americans throughout the south and in the Caribbean, ACE with expertise provided by the Consumer Specialty Products Association’s Antimicrobial Division created FAQ sheets for those returning home to address two of the CDC’s post-...

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  • Prevent Accidental Poisoning (and Intentional Abuse) in Your Home

    Posted June 21, 2017

    The following article was published in the June 2017 USA Today Childhood Safety Campaign.  You’ve got the Poison Control number stored in your smart phone and on a magnet on your refrigerator-What else can you do to help prevent accidental poisonings in the home? How do you prevent those accidents...

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